What is Matildas Profylax?

Prophylaxis means “preemptively to guard or watch over.” In this context the aim is to prepare as well as possible before welcoming a new little person into the world! 

The courses at Matildas Profylax are based on our core value; that knowledge provides security. The goal is to give you an insight into what childbirth is really about, so that you become empowered to direct the process in the best possible way; both as the woman giving birth and as the partner. 

During the course we mix science with humor and practical exercises. Our goal is to arouse your curiosity, raise your expectations and to help you find ways to deal with anxiety and uncertainty. We understand that the journey you are facing is not only physiological but very much also emotional, and so we provide both hands-on tools as well as more existential mental exercises that you can take with you and work on at home. The hope is that you will feel strong and happy before, during and after childbirth – the best gift you can give your child! 

Matildas Profylax provides you with insights and skills for life – not just for the actual delivery. There are many other times in life when you will be able to benefit from being able to relax and support each other with words and hands. 

Please browse our course offerings and schedule, and find a time that suits you, or contact us for a private course. Many of our course participants choose to attend 5-8 months into the pregnancy.


Both classes and massage are classified as "Friskvård", meaning your employer might compensate your expenses. Either ask for a receipt after your payment or pay through:

Welcome to Matildas Profylax

My courses are normally held in Swedish. However, if you understand Swedish, but prefer to speak in another language yourself, you are very welcome to join. Alternatively, if you don’t speak Swedish but have a partner who does, your partner is welcome to interpret for you quietly during the course. 

I also offer courses in English by private appointment. We meet at either your home or another venue for a total of four hours, divided between one or two lessons as you choose. The cost for a private course is SEK 4000 per couple for one couple, and SEK 3000 per couple for two-three couples. If more than three couples, the price will be SEK 2700.


Birth Preparation Course in English! 
If you are interested in a Birth Preparation Course in English - please get in touch!

Course contents

- defining what is needed for you to feel safe and how to do you get there.
- different methods you can use to help yourself and your partner to relax.
- you will learn about the importance of a calm and soft breathing and how you can improve your ability to maintain it during labor, and as a partner how to guide the breathing.
Mental training
- you gain insight into how your thoughts affect your body, and based on that experience, you begin to find target images and positive affirmations.
Partner support
- presence, voice, touch and eye contact. As an active partner with the right knowledge you can instill calm, relieve pain and give your woman a safer (and shorter!) delivery. 
The hormone oxytocin
- its roll in childbirth, and how you can stimulate its release.
- at home and in the hospital, what feels good and what promotes progress. 
The process of childbirth 
- your body is wise! 
- what's happening in the body and how to reduce the risk of ruptures.
Procedures at the hospital / Choices
- the importance of an informed choice, your working relationship with the midwife, offers and recommendations in terms of vaginal examinations, fetal monitoring, injections etc. 
Pain relief
- natural and medical methods 
The newborn child
- emotions, instincts and helpful hints
Discussions and questions
- participation makes each course unique!